5 Simple Filmmaking Tips Inspired by Advice for Writers

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Last week, I shared my top filmmaking reads from the week before with some emphasis on Selma and the Oscars. This week, I decided to focus on some simple, but important, tips for filmmakers.

OverheadShot On set filming our upcoming webseries, “The wHOLE.”

I often find little gems to read on Medium and last week as I read Fred Venturini’s “5 Awesome Nuggets of Writing Advice,” I realized his writing advice translated well to filmmakers. So, I tweaked his tips a bit to create these 5 Filmmaking Tips for Indie Filmmakers.

  • Just Make Your Film! (aka Just Write) — Most filmmakers have a film that they hope no one ever sees. This may not be the case for you, but this is certainly the case for me. Writers write things they hope no one ever sees and often filmmakers create film projects, early on, that they’d really like to not visit…

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