Sharing the Vision

C'est la guerre.
C’est la guerre.

Pinterest started as that hot boyfriend who was no good for my writing schedule. But it turned out to be more than a chemical thing once I saw its potential. As a writer, Pinterest can be that loving partner your muse is looking for, but how? By creating boards that correspond to your books.

Story boards aren’t just for filmmakers. They’re a great way to visualize the time and location in which you place your story. Not to mention a fantastic chance for readers to take in the mood of your story before making a commitment. Remember that the currency of commitment is not just money. A junior high schooler only has so much time on the bus and may not take the trouble to read a sample chapter. Anyone waiting in line would much rather look at pictures than text. So if your story board rewards those precious moments the viewer has given you, they will remember the experience later. And that’s when a viewer might decide to join your reading fold.

With all the gloriousness to be unearthed on Pinterest, don’t bother trying to swear it off. Just follow boards that inspire your stories and further your research. That way you won’t feel guilty about all the Art Deco posters you favorited…for research.


Here’s a link to my story boards. As they say, happy pinning! 

2 thoughts on “Sharing the Vision”

  1. I have used Pinterest only for research so far, but I love your idea of visualizing the book as teaser.
    I don’t have a published book at the moment, so I won’t use this idea now, but I’ll remember it when the time comes. You made a very good point 😉


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