Chapter One of Cress on the Bay

I’ve been workin’ on the sequel…all the live-long day…

A few posts ago, I put up the opening pages of Cress on the Bay, my sequel to Cress in Waterbee. While I plug away on the rest of the book, please enjoy the rest of Chapter 1, ‘Lily Jansen’:

Beneath the smoke of steam and burning coal, the Calistoga Chief headed north. Mothers and grandmothers cooked on small stoves, knowing the ‘pledged to comfort’ rail company would provide no such thing in the emigrant car. It was a place for everyone the rail company considered un-American—Indians, Mexicans, Chinese and colored. This, among other subjects, livened conversations while the scent of roast chicken filled the air. Continue reading

My Favorite Review of ’25 to Love!’

As of today, I have 12 reviews of 25 to Love!. My romantic comedy about a woman who goes on a dating show as the token person of color has gotten some varied feedback. The one below is my favorite, from a reviewer named T. Wheaton. I don’t know if T. is male or female, but he or she has mastered the art of the helpful review. *Salutes*

Without further ado, T. Wheaton:

“I loved this. I’ve read other books that use reality shows as their settings. Of all the books I’ve read with this setting, this is probably the one that feels like it gets closest to the truth. Continue reading

Cress in Waterbee hit #1 on Amazon Kindle! In a very specific category!

Oh my little pretty one, my pretty one – this classic-to-be has hit #1 on Amazon. In a category so narrow that I have to paste it verbatim:

#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children’s eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Historical Fiction > United States > 1800s

There were three other titles vying for the coveted spot, but the people have spoken. Although there remain 4,025 books ahead of mine overall, it pays to see your niche, know your niche, and be your niche. If you wanna put that on a T-shirt, go ahead. Yes, planet Earth, I shall be insufferably smug tonight. 😌

Nice way to end a promo...

Nice way to end a promo…

New and/or Improved

The title of my next book is She Rose High. Set in the early 20th century, a multiethnic orphan girl is hired to work for a couple with a riotous marriage and a gifted son. The girl is eighteen, about to leave England for the first time. The ship she sails on is also on its maiden voyage.

This next venture is in New Adult territory. It’s a weird market, because the main characters are in their late teens or early 20’s. How is the most exhilarating time of your life so overlooked Continue reading