Review of Little Boy, YA novel about a Comanche warrior

Today is Multi-Cultural Children’s Book Day, and as a strong believer in diverse fiction, I am participating by posting this review. Please go to Twitter, hashtag #ReadYourWorld to join in!

Little Boy is the first in the Saga of a Comanche Warrior series, by Max Oliver. Instead of a Eurocentric lens, Oliver’s book shows us Native Americans as people going about their own lives. Little Boy is born to a woman named No Talks, named so for her calm reserve. He is a scrawny baby, the weaker twin, Continue reading

Latest review of Cress in Waterbee

imageDON’T YOU love a well-written and detailed review? My favorite reviewer is Peter Travers, film critic for Rolling Stone. I’ve been saved from many a bad movie thanks to his witty and spot-on reviews. Even when I don’t agree with his take, I can always see where he’s coming from.

No one gets money or prestige for reading my books, so posting a review is an act of pure altruism. I am grateful to everyone who takes time out of their life to read and talk about my work, even if they don’t like it. But it turns out the latest reviewer for Cress in Waterbee is one satisfied customer. When a reader sees the world that dwells in your head, it’s a good day. πŸ˜ƒ

Link to review:

My Favorite Review of ’25 to Love!’

As of today, I have 12 reviews of 25 to Love!. My romantic comedy about a woman who goes on a dating show as the token person of color has gotten some varied feedback. The one below is my favorite, from a reviewer named T. Wheaton. I don’t know if T. is male or female, but he or she has mastered the art of the helpful review. *Salutes*

Without further ado, T. Wheaton:

“I loved this. I’ve read other books that use reality shows as their settings. Of all the books I’ve read with this setting, this is probably the one that feels like it gets closest to the truth. Continue reading

Removing Reviews Is So Not Cool

Please hold my calls–I may have to engage in an epic battle. Like many self-published authors, I have had a review pulled for one of my books. I could sing the praises of Cress in Waterbee, ask my brother to sing the praises of Cress in Waterbee, or ask a next-door neighbor to post a review. Oh wait. I can’t do any of that, because the alleged algorithms of a certain website will strike them down.

It sounds noble at first. The guidelines state that Continue reading